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Bill Payments

CUB BillPay is a simple, convenient and secure way of managing your bill payments from anywhere, at any time. You can pay your utility bills (telephone, electricity, mobile, etc.), insurance premium and subscriptions to magazines, taxes or make donations.

  • No more queues
  • No more hassles of depositing cheques

CUB BillPay offers you the flexibility of making regular payments by registering the biller or making one time / ad hoc payments using the 'Instant Pay' option

For registered billers, you will be able to view the bill amount and due date. Additionally, you will also receive Alerts via Email/SMS for any biller addition/deletion, receipt of new bill and status of bill payments.

To start using the service, use the menu 'Add Biller' to set-up the billers to whom you wish to make payments.

Types of Bill Payment

I . EBPP. (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment)

EBPP is plug-in feature available in CUB NET Banking. The Net Banking User can register for list of bills that needs to be presented for Payment. Alerts through E- Mail and SMS to registered customers for each addition /deletion/ and Payment of Bills. This is most useful payment method for bills paid regularly.


1. Select and register the biller by providing valid billing details

2. Your registration details will sent to the Biller for process.

3. On successful registration, the bill is presented in Internet Banking during billing cycle.

4. Registered customers are alerted for presented bills and you can login to www.onlinecub.net to View and Pay bills

Note:- You Cannot Pay bills after due date you cannot make payment till bill is presented for Payment

To start receiving and paying your bills online, simply login to https://www.onlinecub.net and use the 'Add Biller' feature in Utility bill payment menu to select the billers you wish to make payments.


Pay bills form comfort of your home or office any where any time

Multiple bills under single login

Get alerts for pending bills registered in Net banking

Fast, convenient and Hassle Free

To know More click here FAQ on EBPP.

II. Payment at Merchant Site

In case of payment from Biller site .Separate login needs to be created at each biller site for Payments. After creation of Login you can view the Bill details at Merchant site , While making payments you will be redirected to onlinecub . After providing the Login Credential and selection of your Account and Transaction password you are again redirected to merchant site for payment acknowledgement

Click here to know the List of Merchants and Links to Merchant site

III. CUB Insta Pay

In CUB Insta Pay Option, no need for registration at each biller site.

Choose the biller and enter the details for payment. The Payment shall get updated in the biller site with in 2 days.

Click here to proceed to CUB Instapay payment Page


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