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FAQ on Corporate Net Banking

1.What is Corporate Net Banking.

 Net Banking with Transaction facility for the corporate customers like Partnership Firm, Pvt. Ltd. Company  , Limited Companies, Trust, Society etc.

 2. What is the Difference between personal and corporate Net Banking?

 In personal multiple accounts can be operated by a single person but in corporate Single Account can be operated by multiple person according to their Role and initiating Amount.

 3. What is Role in a corporate?

 Role May be  Example :  Chairman, Managing Director, Director, Chief Financial officer, Director, Senior General Manager, General Manager, Manager, Clerk, Auditor. The Role may be as per the wish of the corporate.

 4. What is initiating Amount?

 Initiating Amount is the amount up to which the Corporate user can initiate a Transaction without another person approval.

 5. Why approval and explain.

 Example for approval : Clerk initiate transaction and officer approves the Transaction.

Similar way as per the deed /Resolution if a user initiates a Transaction more than the initiating  amount , The transaction goes to the next or same  Hierarchy level for approval. 

6. Explain Viewing of accounts and operation of accounts ?

 All accounts in the corporate is having view facility for all the approved users . Transaction can be initiated only to the accounts that are mapped to the authorized users.

 7. Whether  can we request to Link  two Customer ID of Different firm under a single  corporate ID.

 No , It is not possible to Link  customer IDs  of Different entities under a single corporate Id

 8.For the company /Partnership firm “ABC LTD” and “XYZ Ltd” having the same partners / directors can we request to add both the Firm under a single corporate ID?

 No you should not request add the different firms under the single corporate ID,  Because each firm is separate legal entity. 

9. Can We request to add Multiple Customer ID having the (same entity/Name and operating power) of Different Branches under a single corporate ID ? 

Yes you can do.

 10. What are the details that are required  while submitting corporate net Banking application form.

 Duly filled application form along with Board Resolution or Partnership Deed as per the sample in the application form. Note: Resolution or Partnership Deed should be in the letter head of the company.

 11. What are the facility available for corporate net banking.

 At present the following facilities are available for corporate net banking:

1.Transfer to own accounts with in the corporate Id without any Limit.

2. Transfer to other CUB Accounts.

3. Transfer to other Bank Accounts through RTGS/NEFT

4. Cheque Book Request

5. Account Statement Request

6. Stop Payment and Revocation for Stop Payment

7. Bill Payment facility , TNEB payment Facility, Online shopping.

 12. How many Pin (Password) is available for corporate ?

 Like personal net Banking one Login ID, one Login Password and one Transaction Password along with one corporate ID should be entered  in the corporate net banking Login window. 

13. Which Link should the Old corporate net banking customer (with out transaction facility)  should choose?

They have to choose Personal net banking.

 14. A corporate customer already having Net Banking without Transaction facility  has applied for the New Corporate net Banking. whether his access to net Banking will affected after getting the New corporate net Banking ?

 No. It is not affected and they can continue to use the old Net Banking But should choose” personal net Banking Login “.

 15. Partnership firm with 2 partners where all transactions initiated by one partner has to be approved by the other .Can this be incorporated in corporate net banking.

 Yes.  For partnership firm we can configure in such a way that for all transactions initiated by one partner is approved by another partner with in the initiating amount.

 16. Whether  bill payment can be done through corporate net banking?

 Yes authorized corporate net banking  users can pay utility Bills with in the initiating amount for the accounts mentioned in the application form..

 17. What is the Maximum amount that can be Transferred using corporate net Banking?

·         There is no Limit for Transfer within the accounts of the Corporate ID

·         Maximum of Rs. 10 Lakhs can be Transferred using the Service, Transfer with in CUB, Transfer  to other Bank using RTGS/NEFT and Bill Payment. (Combination of the above three should not exceed the Corporate Limit of Rs 10 Lakhs)

18. What is the option available to get a Duplicate Password for corporate users?

 Corporate users can use the Forgot Password option in the Corporate Login Screen. They have to fill the Corporate ID, User ID, Base Branch , First Name  and choose the type of password required. Or give a request to the Branch as per the form.

 19. Can more than one person be administrator for corporate?

 Yes, if the corporate need we can configure. 

20. What is the use of admin role in corporate?

At present Admin can restrict the Transaction time and can restrict a user from accessing the Corporate Net Banking.

 21. List of Users are more than specified in the application form , what should I do.? 

Customer can use their Letter pad for filling more users with the same structure provided in the application form.

 22. Whether Email Id of the user is mandatory?

 Yes E-Mail Id for all the users is Mandatory.

 23. While paying Bill which link should I choose after redirection happen to www.onlinecub.net.

 Personal Net Banking with Transaction facility should choose “Personal Net Banking” and New corporate net Banking customer have to choose “Corporate Net Banking”

 24. Whether the Pin Mailer will be delivered directly to customer Like personal net Banking?

 No Pin mailer for corporate will be forwarded to Branch and customer have to collect the same from the Branch. 

25. Whether view facility for all accounts available?  , and what about the newly opened accounts under the Customer ID? 

All accounts under the corporate can be viewed by all authorized users including the newly opened accounts. If a account is opened today the same can be viewed on the next day. 

26. If a corporate customer opened new account ( CA/CCOD) under the same customer ID how should they get Transaction facility for the newly opened accounts ? 

They have to submit new application form along with the deed or company Resolution 

27.Can I add personal  Savings account of MD into the corporate net banking ? 

No you should not add personal account. 

28.Is partnership deed or Board resolution mandatory? 

Yes . without the resolution application will not be processed. 

30. Is approval Required for all types of Transaction as specified in the Matrix ? 

All transaction Except Bill Payment  have to be approved  ( Like Add beneficiary, Transfer with in CUB ,Transfer through RTGS/NEFT) For fund Transfers If amount exceeds the initiating amount it has to be approved according to the Matrix specified in the application form . IF Number of approvers is ZERO no approval is Required if the Transactions with in the initiating amount. 

31. If a corporate user having “0” approver initiate a Transaction more the initiation amount what will happen? 

It will get rejected by the system. 

32. If a user try to pay a utility Bill more the initiation amount what will happen? 

It will get rejected by the system. 

33. If a auditor having no Transaction facility Try to pay utility Bill or Funds Transfer what will happen ? 

It will get rejected by the system. 


How to fill the application form?

In the first Page:

  • 3 rd Line you have to fill the Mandate or Board resolution date
  1. Constitution

Tick the constitution

  1. Authorised persons have to be filled by the corporate. These persons are same as per the Partnership deed or as per the Board Resolution
  2. Fill the correct corporate Id after creation of the same in CBS.
  3. Fill the List of customer ID. All the customer ID should be in the same Name and operating powers .
  4. Fill the Corporate Address : E-Mail  Id and Mobile is Mandatory
  5. Fill the per day aggregate Limit it should not exceed Rs 10 Lakhs
  6. Fill the Designation Roles of the Corporate and approver Details and Total of the approvals needed for  the transaction  ( see the Sample filled application form for details)
  7. Fill the Name of the authorized users and Accounts for which transaction to be given for the users. E-Mail ID is mandatory. Obtain signatures of all users. Enter the correct Hierarchy Level as per column 7.
  8. Fill the corporate Admin Details with signature and E-Mail ID. The admin user should be one of the authorized users.
  9. Obtain signature from all authorized users and common seal of the company.
  10. Submit necessary Deed or Board Resolution in the company’s letter head as per the sample.
  11. Obtain Seal and signature in all Terms and Condition pages


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